Hello, World!

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Hello, World!

This is the first time I start something meaningful and permanent with this couple of words.

Since you are here I suppose you know who I am, so do not hesitate to skip this paragraph. Unless you know me, here is a short intro. My name is Volodymyr Miz. At the moment I am pursuing my PhD degree at EPFL under Professor Pierre Vandergheynst supervision. I have background in Image Processing, Machine Learning and Software engineering. Guys at the LTS2 Lab help me to learn Graph Signal Processing techniques. I am going to apply this knowledge to solving large scale data analysis and machine learning problems.

I am writing this post in the Youth hostel in a small German town Ilmenau. No. Goethe’s city has not inspired me as you may have assumed. Other people have, but let’s keep the order.

At the time of writing this blog post I am Marie Curie PhD fellow and my project belongs to MacSeNet Innovative Training Network which is a part of the Horizon 2020 EU program. Right now I am attending MacSeNet Spring School at the Frauhofer TU Ilmenau (thanks Helen Cooper for the high level of the event). The aim of the school is very generous - teach PhD researchers how to do actual research and do it efficiently and effectively. But this is probably the topic for another blog post.

During the Staff Training Sessions at the Spring School our motivating and inspiring trainers (Dawn and Sam from Researcher Development Programme) gave us a lot of helpful advices concerning PhD research in general. One of their suggestions is to create a personal website and write a blog in order to present the results of our research not only in the form of scientific papers, but also in informal way of blogging. This should help people from other domains understand what we really do. Hope I will reach the target and my posts will be clear and interesting for you.

Hope you will find the posts interesting and useful.

Volodymyr, Miz, welcome, blog, intro
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